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type cedule

this is the picture that I'm posing to be the type photo

identification card for the teacher and other things

caycedo'm just talking to render this work


It's a picture with my pet a dog FRENCH POODLE

my pet is still very young ONLY HAVE 1

SINCE I was a puppy and this breed is very playful

and in addition to its main feature YOUR HAIR AND SIZE


this photo is one of my pet
called "tita" is a very cute dog race french

is white poodle has a low haircut is a very playful dog likes to run around, not a bitch

progressive, is very playful with everyone she gets all grab and not a pet is also

problematic its size advantages



Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza

this is where I am with my
family with whom I live and

and live in the country my number I had to do with cardboard deer trail in the driveway

with my mom my dad and my two brothers Guasimal live in the village is very quiet and a

sidewalk near the espinal

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What I like to do is play on the
family as I show in the picture spends most of the day

glued to the computer or doing chores playing dofus but most times doing work I like to

play in the compuador because it relaxes me there are many things to do in but still not

neglect my studies by playing I realize all


This is a photo with my
family alos appreciate because they are a great quality of people

support me in the things I want to do and we get along because they are very Bacanos

learn I do something I pay or pay us mutamente things but they not dying to leave

them and they are very helpful in what I do not they help me and if I do not they help me so we


this is what I want to be in the future a great
lawyer I hope people reconoscan as a great

lawyer and besides that being a good person I hope that all my expectations for the

professional respect because I get to be a great lawyer recognized for influential people

of this country and other countries thing at work when they have legal problems


this will be the wing
school which I reach in and for this I have to prepare me for a good

score on this test will ICFES long and the preparation and very good besides that I think

I am brilliant and I have everything to be a winner in ICFES hope my expectations are as

I hope to enter this wonderful university as is the wing Tolima univercidad law school

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